Prelude to Ascension Errata

Following are a few known errors in Prelude to Ascension. Some were pointed out by readers, others I discovered myself. Some of these could be considered spoilers, so you may want to read them after finishing the book. Nothing here significantly impacts the story.

  1. Chapter 46 mentions that Christopher Warren was elected president of the United States two years prior, but the year is given as 2024. The timing doesn't work. I happen to recall making a few late changes that impacted the timeline of the story, which required going back and adjusting various events. This one was simply overlooked.

  2. The Latin name of the lunar rover, Spes Novus, incorrectly incorporates masculine and feminine terms. The correct form would be Spes Nova.

  3. At one point in Chapter 80, the Flight Commentator gives the speed of a spacecraft landing on the Moon as Mach 1.3. With no atmosphere, Mach would not apply.

  4. The location of the anomaly discovered on the Moon is given as 82.28° N  164.86° E. The minute portion of coordinates can never be greater than 59 (0-59). I don't know what possessed me. :-)