Thursday, April 7, 2022

I’m working on the final chapters of the sequel to Prelude to Ascension (title to be announced). It’s been quite a road. While writing this book I’ve felt as though my own life has been rewritten. Since the loss of my wife, Virginia, the biggest challenge hasn’t been in embracing my new life but conjuring the will to embrace it … a different life that I didn’t ask for. The writing has helped. New, wonderful people I’ve met along the way have also helped.

But, enough of that.

I’m very excited about the next book. I’ll admit it was a little ambitious for me. I knew what I wanted it to be, but at times, had doubts that I’d be able to get there. I’m feeling much better about it now. I imagine the story as a fabric of subplots that I’m in the throes of weaving together. I still have a ways to go - apologies for that - and I clearly have room for improvement when it comes to writing speed, but I’m getting there.

Very best,